Posted on September 2, 2020

Even if health caution remains the order of the day, all economic sectors are recovering. Remaining mobilized and operational, IVEA has crossed and overcome the containment/deconfinement period, combining AGILITY to adapt its organization to health constraints and PRODUCTIVITY to keep up with its well-filled order book before the crisis. Isn't it said that "what doesn't destroy us makes us stronger"? In any case, here we are, ready for the return - at your side - to the future...

Mobilization on the manufacture of the...

On the manufacturing side, the past period has been used to complete all orders placed before containment! There was no production tool shutdown, no logistical "bottleneck" linked to a sudden recovery: the IVEA "factory" has been in operation for several months at full capacity, the paint shop is exploding with colour and deliveries are being made at a steady pace.

Electric cylinders for motorization of leaves

Autonomous cylinders for lock motorization

Jacks for motorization of locks

Hydraulic power plant for a cylinder in the iron and steel industry

Painting workshop

Outbound delivery




...and recruiting in times of lockdown!

On the team side, two new recruits have recently joined IVEA:
- Mathieu MOQUARD in the design office,
- Stéphane JOSLIN in production.


These recruitments were imperative in view of the increasing demands of our clients. If your trust honours us, it commits us to always optimize the service provided and anticipate your future needs. Welcome to our team, Mathieu and Stéphane allow IVEA to gain in competence and capacity to respond to your projects, which are ever more varied in complexity and volume.



The pleasure of meeting you on our shared building sites

The start of a gradual and safe return to normal, the release from containment has once again authorised what makes IVEA's added value: the relationship with the customer, in the field, as close as possible to its realities and needs. It is this closeness that we are pleased to find again, by investing in you "almost" as before (in compliance with health measures), at the very stage of your preliminary project. Combining your business expertise and our movement expertise as early as possible, this productive co-design approach allows us to achieve together an optimized and personalized realization in all points.

This same relational and technical proximity is also verified downstream of the projects. IVEA has also been able to express it again on site, during the final stage of the more or less long and complex journey, from the initial idea to the project and from completion to on-site installation: the simultaneous start-up of your equipment and structures and our integrated motorisation systems! For this inevitably intense moment of start-up and adjustment, IVEA technicians now have a brand new additional workshop vehicle: a new operational mobile unit, incorporating the expertise of our staff and the specific nature of our tools.

So, the IVEA full serviceThe new system, including benefits and services, will be fully restored to our - and hopefully to your - greatest satisfaction!

Pre-study of motorization of hydraulic works in Vendée

Lock start-up at Jarville-la-Malgrange south of Nancy

Start-up of lock 112 on the Burgundy canal

Start-up of lock 31 de Sablonnière on the Briare canal



"That which does not destroy us makes us stronger."

This could be the lesson of the health crisis. While it forced us all, it also motivated us, by controlling the risks, to explore our possibilities and optimise our means of action, to adapt our protocols, to imagine different ways of doing things to remain operational, to anticipate the post-Covid-19 period, etc. It enabled us to further strengthen the cohesion of our team, united in the face of unprecedented adversity and determined to ensure that IVEA got through this period without any problems and maintain its quality of service. It's not as complicated as it sounds, when you appreciate what you do, how you do it, with whom you do it, why you do it and for whom you do it!

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