From the military to the nuclear, from the most diverse industries to the most spectacular scenographies, IVEA is regularly associated with complex, specific, high-value-added applications throughout the world. Mobile military Radar in Lithuania, "sarcophagus" of Chernobyl, "Water Show" in Dubai... There are many convincing examples of the effectiveness of its immersive approach, which is to combine your "business" expertise with its expertise in movement and power. This co-design approach, the most upstream possible of your projects, allows IVEA to study with you and to manufacture for you specific and optimized SOLUTIONS based on electric cylinders, regardless of your projects and sectors of activity:

Hydraulic works, hydroelectric dams, locks, sanitation, lifting/handling, iron and steel, nuclear, military, mining sector, cement factory, scenography/show, industries...

THE IVEA RANGE Characteristics Power Race
of work
Fasteners Equipment
VERIN of maneuver

VERIN of Servo

Voltage VERIN


  • interlocking
  • Reversible with brake
  • Immersible
  • Insensitive to aggressive environments
1 to 200 tonnes Choice of up to 9 meters Choice:

  • Trunnion
  • Flange
  • Ball
  • Others as required
  • Gearmotor
  • Servomotor
  • End of race
  • Position copy Signal
  • Adjustable Efforts
  • Speed selection
  • Control box
  • Other...

The Benefits IVEA

  • Tip: Help with choice and sizing
  • Custom Manufacturing
  • No specific maintenance
  • Long life
  • Getting started on site...
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