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Computer Science and freedom

All the processing carried out is under the responsibility of François QUAIRAULT, Director of SAS IVEA.

This site follows the following rules:
• No information collected without the user's knowledge
• No transfer to third parties
• No use of the information collected beyond the processing of the application or a term of one year if the Internet user has agreed to be attached later (check box on the form).

Online forms collect your data. According to the law of January 6, 1978, the Internet user has a right of access which he can exercise with the correspondent for the protection of personal data. It also has a right of modification, rectification and deletion of data to personal data relating to it, which it may exercise by writing to IVEA. CONTACT


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This type of information is put online in order to allow the user to access the information sought more quickly. It cannot be used for other purposes, including commercial prospecting. Failure to comply with this prohibition exposes the offender to prosecution.

Copyrights and Copyrights

The whole of this site falls under the French and international Law on copyright and intellectual property. All rights of reproduction are reserved, including for downloadable documents and iconographic and photographic representations. The visuals of this site are owned by SAS IVEA. The rights of use, reproduction and distribution are strictly reserved for the communication of the SAS IVEA. Reproduction of all or part of this site on any electronic medium whatsoever is expressly prohibited unless expressly authorized by the Director of the publication. Reproduction of the texts of this site on a paper medium is authorised, especially in the pedagogical framework, subject to the following three conditions: free dissemination, respect for the integrity of the documents reproduced, no alteration or alteration of any kind, clear and legible quotation from the source in the following form:

This document is obtained from the website https://www.ivea-sas.fr. The rights of reproduction are reserved and strictly limited.

For other uses, please Contact the site Manager. The marks quoted on this site are deposited by the companies that own them.

Personal Data Management

In France, personal data are protected in particular by Act No. 78-87 of 6 January 1978, Act No. 2004-801 of 6 August 2004, article L. 226-13 of the criminal Code and the European Directive of 24 October 1995.

On the occasion of the use of the site ivea-sas.fr, can be collected: the URL of the links through which the user accessed the site ivea-sas.fr, the user's access provider, the Internet protocol address (IP) of The user.

In any event IVEA SAS collects personal information relating to the user only for the need of certain services offered by the site ivea-sas.fr. The user provides this information in full knowledge of the facts, especially when he or she proceeds to the seizure. It is then specified to the user of the site ivea-sas.fr the obligation or not to provide this information.

In accordance with the provisions of articles 38 and following of Act No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 relating to information technology, files and freedoms, any user has a right of access, rectification and opposition to personal data on Concerning, by making his written and signed request, accompanied by a copy of the identity document with signature of the holder of the part, specifying the address to which the reply is to be sent.

No personal information of the user of the ivea-sas.fr site is published without the user's knowledge, exchanged, transferred, assigned or sold on any medium to third parties.

The site is not declared to the CNIL because it does not collect any personal information.

The databases are protected by the provisions of the Law of 1 July 1998 transposing directive 96/9 of 11 March 1996 on the legal protection of databases.

Hypertext links and Cookies

The ivea-sas.fr site contains a number of hypertext links to other sites, set up with the permission of Ivea SAS. However, IVEA SAS does not have the possibility to verify the content of the sites so visited, and will therefore not assume any responsibility for this.

Browsing the ivea-sas.fr site may cause cookie (s) to be installed on the user's computer. A cookie is a small file, which does not allow user identification, but saves information about navigating a computer on a site. The data thus obtained are intended to facilitate further navigation on the site, and are also intended to allow various measures of attendance.

The refusal to install a cookie may result in the inability to access certain services. The user can however configure his computer in the following way, to refuse the installation of the cookies:

under Internet Explorer : Tool tab (Wheel-shaped pictogram at the top right)/Internet Options. Click Privacy and choose Block All cookies. Validate on Ok.

under Firefox : At the top of the browser window, click the Firefox button, then go to the Options tab. Click on the Privacy tab.
Set the retention rules to: Use custom settings for history. Finally uncheck it to disable cookies.

under Safari : Click on the top right of the navigator on the menu pictogram (symbolized by a cog). Select Settings. Click Show Advanced Settings. In the "Privacy" section, click Content Settings. In the "Cookies" section, you can block cookies.

under Chrome : Click the top right of the browser on the menu pictogram (symbolized by three horizontal lines). Select Settings. Click Show Advanced Settings. In the "Privacy" section, click Preferences. In the "Privacy" tab, you can block cookies.


for any remark on the operation of the site, write to SAS IVEA. CONTACT


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