Posted on February 10th 2022

Just 20 years ago, Franck JOHANNY and François QUAIRAULT started the IVEA adventure by marketing their first autonomous hydraulic cylinders...

Over the years, the company has diversified, becoming a specialist in the optimised integration of motion and power based on rack and pinion jack technologies, electric cylinders and autonomous hydraulic cylinders, in multiple application areas:

  • hydraulic structures (dam, valve, flap gate)
  • lock, hydroelectric dam
  • sanitation
  • lifting/handling
  • steel industry
  • nuclear
  • Military
  • mining sector
  • cement factory
  • stage design / performance
  • various industries...

These 20 years have enabled us to train a team of expert and committed employees, to build a modern and adapted work tool and, above all, to develop customised products that meet the needs of our customers. A formidable network of partners has also been created: suppliers, subcontractors, specifiers, integrator clients, users, etc.

A page is being turned today with the retirement of Franck JOHANNY.

IVEA now joins the ABCM Group!

This is the result of the merger between François QUAIRAULT and Landry MAILLET - who began their professional career together - with the aim of improving efficiency and complementarity.

In keeping with its historical commitment, IVEA is continuing to design and manufacture its product ranges and will now be able to draw on complementary skills throughout the value chain:

Prototype - Cutting - Machining - Welding - Processing - Painting - Assembly - Logistics

The ABCM Group now comprises 5 companies:

  • ABCM
  • TSGO
  • IVEA

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