Are you a manufacturer, manager, operator or technician of hydraulic works or locks? As such, you know how essential the functions of your installations are and therefore require extremely reliable motorisation systems. Based on single or coupled, manual or motorized sluice gate drives, IVEA studies with you and manufactures "the" technical solution, simple or complex, both economical and specific to your needs. Produced from validated and non-polluting electromechanical designs, the IVEA rack jacks are distinguished by their ease of installation and maintenance, their simplicity of use, their robustness and durability proven in all conditions of use...

Section view of a sluice gate drive

sluice gate drive-LEG
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Our sluice gate drives › single or double sluice gate drive for vertical valves
› Oscillating sluice gate drive for Valves
› Swivel sluice gate drive for Lock gate
› Lock with sluice gate drive for water gate
› sluice gate drive for isolated turbine valves with fail safe without electric power › single or double sluice gate drives
› Manual or motorized sluice gate drive for lifting and handling

Our strengths

› Modern, robust, standardized and scalable designs to better meet your needs.
› Our recognized expertise and the implementation of our validated and clean electromechanical technologies, integrating all functions of safety, enslavement...

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