Electric Cylinder VALVE


Electric Cylinder GATE

THE IVEA RANGE Characteristics Effort Race
of work
Fasteners Equipment
Pistons opening and closing manoeuvres

Pistons of Regulation

Pistons for Gravity closure

  • interlocking
  • Reversible with brake
  • Immersible
  • Insensitive to aggressive environments
From 1 to 200 tonnes To choose from until
9 meters

  • Trunnion
  • Flange
  • Ball
  • Others according to needs...
  • End of race
  • Position copy Signal
  • Adjustable Efforts
  • Speed selection
  • Emergency function
  • Control box
  • Other...

The Benefits IVEA

  • Tip: Help with choice and sizing
  • Custom Manufacturing
  • No specific maintenance
  • Long life
  • Getting Started on site
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